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The top 5 benefits of recruitment marketing for HR professionals - TheJobNetwork

The top 5 benefits of recruitment absatzwirtschaft for HR professionals - TheJobNetworkAfter a decade of economic uncertainty and high unemployment, job landseekers are finding themselves in a favorable job market. As such, recruiting top talent is going to be much harder than it was in 2008. Recruitment and talent acquisition will become a lot more competitive, so positioning your employer brand and recruitment marketing strategy will be key to attracting the best and the brightest.According to a recent survey conducted by, only 32% of HR professionals understand recruitment marketing to a high degree and only 20% do a good job. Given this information, in order to truly reap the benefits of recruitment marketing, you must first understand what it is.According to PandoLogic, recruitment marketing is the suite of strategies and tools youuse to build and maintain your employer brand, connect with potential hires, and manage outward messaging about your company. Its elend quite t he same thing as standard marketingyoure not selling your product or service, but rather your company. Its also not quite the same as talent acquisition.Recruitment marketing consists of the various activities an organization uses to find, attract, engage, and nurture talented prospects before, during, and after they apply for a job. With that being said, here are the potential benefits.Better marketing and word of mouthYour employer brand is only as good as its reputation. Targeting sites like Glassdoor and making sure you have a positive image can do wonders for how your brand is perceived. Think about it if a job seeker wants an honest review of what its like working at your company, where will they go? Chances are, they will take to Glassdoor. If they see a plethora of negative reviews, they will most likely pass on working at your company.Reduced time to hireBut there is more to recruitment marketing than just your employer brand. The software you use will determine how efficie nt you are at filling your open positions. Having a clear recruitment marketing strategy will keep you up-to-date on the latest technological innovations in recruitment. For example, innovations such as AI-enabled recruitment software can save you time and money on manual tasks that can easily be automated.

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Whitney Port Gets Real About How Migraines Affect Her Life as a Mom

Whitney Port Gets Real About How Migraines Affect Her Life as a Mom Im a mother who gets migraines so when fellow mom Whitney Port discussed own her struggle with migraines, I knew exactly what she was talking about. Being sick or in pain is always rough, but its so much harder when you have to set your needs aside to care for someone else and thats kind of what parenthood is all about, isnt it? The reality star knows this all too well She recently revealed how her longtime battle with migraines became even more difficult after the birth of her son, Sonny.While Port has learned how to absprache with migraines as a result of years of suffering through them, she quickly learned that theres a whole new layer of complexity to contend with when you have a child.Its really, really hard, because Sonny doesnt understand whats happening, and I just never want him to feel like hes done anything for me to need to step away, Port told People. I ask my husband Timmy to step in so I can lay down and close my eyes and drink a couple glasses of water. Ill try to explain to Sonny as much as I can that Mommy has a little boo-boo on top of her head and she needs to rest for a second. You do what you can.Whether you deal with migraines or another issue entirely, moms will understand what Port is talking about Anything that steals quality time with your kids is hard to navigate and then theres the relatable mom guilt that sets in when you need to step away and take care of yourself.I feel like as Ive gotten older and especially around stressful times theyll get worse, because its like my bodys way of reacting to any kind of stress or anxiety, Port, who recently suffered a miscarriage, shared. The interesting thing is thatwhen I was pregnant I didnt get them, so I think its a little bit of a hormonal thing. And now they vary in strength, but they come all too often. TheHills New Beginnings star reportedly deals with mild migraines about once a week, and faces more severe attacks every few weeks.Ultimately, we all just have to figure out ways to deal with whatever we face. We can take cues from Port, who relies on her partner, explains what shes dealing with to her son, and finds ways to keep her child occupied when she feels the need to address her migraines. And remember this Theres no need to feel guilt or shame if you need to take some time for yourself. Yes, its harder to do when youre a mom and setting aside the urge to put your kids needs above your own can be so tough butself-care matters, especially when youre dealing with something as painful as a migraine.Port spoke to that sentiment as well. You have to do what you have to do to get through it, she told People. Even if I have to turn on the TV for Sonny to keep him busy. Youve got to neutralize your kid so you can get yourself back on your feet. Zara Hanawalt--This story originally appeared onSheKnows.

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Brainstorming Is Not Always a Good Idea Here Are 4 Alternatives

Brainstorming Is Not Always a Good Idea Here Are 4 Alternatives Nowadays, brainstorming is a highly commonpractice in companies where teamwork is indispensable. The core idea behind the brainstorming strategy is to get access to the groups collective wisdom in order todrum up creative ideas for a project or particular task, develop already existing ideas, or solve herausforderungs. Brainstorming has been used for decades, and it seems great wheneveryone feels free to contribute their distinctive strengths to the conversation and build a better tomorrow alongside the team members. However, recent studies show that this strategy is not the best way to ensure innovation.Among those studies is one prepared by Nicholas W. Kohn and Steven M. Smith. The authors foundthat brainstorming exercises can result in a fixation on one solution and the rejection of other inspirational ideas and exciting possibili ties. This, in turn, can lead to an entrenched tradition of ideas instead of creating a space for new possibilities.Psychologist Richard Wisemans book 59 Seconds Think a Little, Change a Lotexpresses a similar idea.The author argues that people reach irrational decisions in groups, and strong-minded personalities often pressureothers into conforming, self-censorship, and create an illusion of unanimity. Wisemansays people become more creative and inventive outside of the crowd, and for 70 years, people have been using brainstorming to stifle not stimulate their creative juices.Brainstorming is also problematic for the following reasons- Time ConstraintsBrainstorming sessions are often timed, and team members feel nervous about coming up with bright ideas too late.- Groupthink People oftenagree with their colleagues simply for the sake of avoiding conflict. Moreover, extroverts tend to dominate group sessions.- Fear of CriticismShy employees who prefer working individually may worr y about the ways their concepts will be perceived by others and keep silent instead of sharing.- Do-NothingismSome participants may bank on others to do all the work and put forth littleeffort, hoping that a wise decision will be reached without them.Does all of this mean brainstorming is totally useless? Not exactly. Forsome teams, this type of activity can really bear fruit, especially when team leaders follow a few easy steps for improving its effectiveness- Give People Time to ThinkThis can be really helpful for introverts and shy team members who need some time to formulate an idea and articulate it clearly without being howled down by others.- Seek AlternativesIf an employee wants to criticize or dismissan idea offered by colleagues, theyshould provide an alternative.- Define RolesTo increase brainstorming effectiveness, you can make use of psychologist Edward de Bonos Six Thinking Hatsmethod and assign particular roles to every member.But ifbrainstorming is not the right fit for your company or team even with these tweaks then it may be time for an alternative1. BrainwritingIn brainwriting, participants formulate ideas and write down their thoughts in silence. Without constant conversation going on, people can concentrate more. Participants share their ideas with the group once they are fully formed.You can also use the note-and-votemethod, where the group reaches consensus by voting on a list of ideas.2. BrainswarmingThis method is analogous to how ants solve problems. While searching for food, individual antsleave traces so that other ants can follow them. Thus, the whole colony can arrive at food sources.Brainswarming begins with writing a goal or a problem on a sheet of paper or ablackboard. Then, all the participants start silently seeking solutions (also in writing). This practice helps to find top-down thinkers who will delve into the goal and define a broad array of sub-goals and bottom-up thinkers who will produce the necessary resources for problem-solving and explain how they should be used. The solution is then found in the middleground between these two types of thinkers.You can learn more about brainswarming in this video.3. Idea-BuildingAnother variant is to start with a single idea, write down the basics, and pass the sheet of paper to others so that they can add their thoughts. In this way, you work collaboratively to flesh out a shallow idea and turn it into a strong concept.4. Passive Brainstorming With this technique, you leave an empty poster on the wall or an empty blackboard in the middle of the office and ask your employees to write down whatever comes to their minds (related to the project) over the nextfive days. Team members will have enough time to mull over their concepts and can amend their ideas with details they might have missed earlier.A company shouldchoose the way of creative thinking that fits its style and isnt in conflict with its corporate culture. Furthermore, a company always has the vor kaufsrecht to seek the help of experienced developers who can offer sophisticated software aimed at improving the problem-solving process.Yana Yelina is a tech journalistat EffectiveSoft, a provider of innovative business intelligence softwarewith specialists in a variety of domains, including healthcare, HR, trading and finance, logistics, and eCommerce. You can reach the author atcontacteffectivesoft.comor connect with her via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Entry Level Operations Research Resume Template 2018s Top Format

Entry Level Operations Research Resume Template 2018s Top FormatEntry Level Operations Research Resume Template - 2018s Top FormatCreate ResumeSophia Johnson100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019 (555) 322-7337 example-emailexample.comProfileWell-qualified professional with over 10 years combined experience in the pharmaceutical and research industries. Looking to find work where I can use my expertise and skills to ensure work of the highest quality.SkillsExceptional leadership, organizational, oral and written communication, interpersonal, analytical, and schwierigkeit resolution skills.Quick study, with an ability to easily grasp and put into application new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies.Able to work independently as well as in a team setting.Tolerant to stressed situations.WordExcelOutlookPowerPointProfessional ExperienceClinical Trials Assistant 07/2010 to 11/2013 ICON Clinical Research Brentwood, TNAssist the clinical research teams in ensuring the most effectiv e and efficient conduct of clinical research studies by providing administration and project tracking support.Entry Level Clinical Research Associate 01/2013 to 06/2013 ICON Clinical Research Brentwood, TNBecome familiar with all applicable regulations and ICON SOPs/WPs relevant to the start-up, conduct monitoring and closeout of clinical studies. Become proficient and self-sufficient in conducting all procedures in relation to monitoring clinical studies, in particular to become experienced in the review and evaluation of clinical data.Certified Pharmacy Technician 02/2001 to 02/2011 CVS Pharmacy Nashville, TNReceive and fill prescription requests for patients under the direction of a registered pharmacist. Duties include inventory, handling insurance claims, completing cash register transactions and customer service.Education and TrainingBachelor of Science Chemistry 2010 Tennessee State University Nashville, TN, USA3.4 GPAGeneral course work with laboratory research experience CertificationsBoard Certified Pharmacy TechnicianPTCBCustomize ResumeMore Science Resume TemplatesOperations Research Resume Templates

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Schools and Flocks Inspire Wind Turbine Design

Schools and Flocks Inspire Wind Turbine Design Schools and Flocks Inspire Wind Turbine Design Schools and Flocks Inspire Wind Turbine DesignJohn Dabiri may not be able to talk to the animals, but, in a way, theyve started talking to him. He realized that the kind of flowing motion birds in flocks and fish in schools summon might just be applicable to the world of wind turbines.Big questions ultimately included How will wind do when a turbine isnt next to an open field but next to a building? says Dabiri, who was teaching at CalTech when he was first inspired. He is now a professor of mechanical, civil, and environmental engineering at Stanford University. The work early on, as it often does, involved doing a computer model. The numbers were promising.It might seem strange to contemplate that grouping things close together would work for turbines. After all, conventional thinking for turbines holds that they should be set far apart to avoid the airflow being influenced by other wind t urbines. The theory holds that this preserves the performance of the downwind turbines. Dabiri believes there is power in numbers.We noticed birds or fish are contending with the fact that neighboring birds or fish are disturbing the air or water, he says. Rather than spreading out as far apart as possible, they align themselves in pretty regular geometric patterns, such as staggered formations. What theyre doing is finding locations in the area around their neighboring animals where the flow thats created by the neighbor can actually improve their performance.His teams wind turbinesgo against popular wisdom with their vertical axis, Dabiri explains.Engineering Professor John Dabiri stands in front of his wind-turbine test site. Image Stanford UniversityThere are regions to the side of the turbines where the flow actually accelerates as it passes around the blades, he says.It shows you can put a second turbine in those regions of accelerated flow. In those cases, even though a turbi ne might be farther downwind from an upstream turbine, the downwind turbine can actually produce more power than the upstream turbine by taking advantage of those flow acceleration effects. So that local acceleration of the flow is one distinction between the vertical axis and the conventional horizontal.Another distinction, he says, is in how quickly the wake recovers. Even in that region behind the vertical access turbineswhere you would get decreased wind speed, it tends to recover, he says. The winds tend to increase back to where they were before the wind turbine influenced them over a much shorter distance. Again, you can put the turbines much closer together than you could in the conventional horizontal axis systems.Because there is a handedness to the rotation, that rotation can allow the wind to be steered as it passes through the wind farm, he says.Turbines were tested on land purchased by the school Dabiri was later teaching at, Stanford. That land became a good spot to s et up wind turbines to see what was there, Dabiri says. Now we were getting more of a sense of the possibilities.The stage for Dabiris current work has moved to the Alaskan village of Iguigig, which is about 70-people strong and has a need for improved energy, he says. The turbines there are only six feet high, to make them easier for the local population to maintain, he says. Keep it simpler, he says. Theyve been patient with possible problems and are committed to this. This is another important step.Eric Butterman is an independent writer. For Further DiscussionWhat theyre doing is finding locations in the area around their neighboring animals where the flow thats created by the neighbor can actually improve their performance.Prof. John Dabiri, Stanford University

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New Year, New Career Make Your Resolution a Reality

New Year, New Career Make Your Resolution a RealityNew Year, New Career Make Your Resolution a RealityTake these first steps to jump start your career.Happy New Year, everyone If youve been reading my column over the past five weeks, you know Ive been counting down to the New Year with tips to get your job-search strategy in place.Whether youve currently unemployed or youre considering a career change, the New Year is a chance for a fresh start. Nows the time to take a hard look at your career and decide where you want to go next.If you ran into a roadblock that affected your career last year, remember the lessons learned and give yourself permission to move on. Still bitter about the lay-offs or being passed over for that promotion? Let go of the anger and reinvest that energy into achieving your goals next year. Heres how you can start making your New Years resolution a reality.I will love my career againHas your job lost its luster? Do you wake up in the morning dreading to go int o the office? Youre not alone. A recent survey from Right Management found that 86 percent of professionals plan to search for a new job in the New Year.But before you jump ship, ask yourself why youre unhappy in your current gig. Some reasons like your work-life balance or your level of responsibility could be solved with a good conversation with your boss. Others like the company culture or the type of work you do may require you to switch companies or consider a bigger career change. Dedicate the first few weeks of this year to exploring the root of the problem before making any big changes.I will take my career to the next levelWhether youre vying for a promotion at your current company or considering your prospects at a competitor, take some time to record all your accomplishments and contributions over the past year.If you have an annual review coming up, ask your manager what skills are needed to get you to the next level. Create a development plan with your manager to he lp you take on additional responsibilities or build certain skill sets that are holding you back. Also, do a little reconnaissance on sites like Ladders to see if the competition is hiring. Their job descriptions will help you pinpoint other skills or experience you may need to gain at the office or through a course to secure that promotion.I will find a career I loveAs Ive mentioned in a previous article, not everyone is blessed with securing their dream job from the start of their careers. And for some, that dream job is still a question mark. If youre in that boat, todays the day you start figuring it out.Consider what youve loved and hated about each role youve held in your career. Think back to your childhood dreams what did you want to be when you grew up? It may be a little too late in life to become a prima ballerina, but that doesnt mean you cant look for a job within the performing arts industry that leverages your key strengths.Consider opportunities that play up your sk ills. Dont know where to start? Look for former colleagues who held a similar role to you and made a transition. What companies and industries have found value in their experience?In the endRegardless of your resolution, the key takeaway is to do the legwork before jumping into action. When you take the time to think through your goals, you make it a lot easier to set the right strategy. Remember that your job goals are the foundation for your job-search strategy. All your job-search efforts from how you position your resume and online presence to how you go about finding job leads will depend upon the goals you choose.

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#First7Jobs Proves Theres No Clear Career Path - The Muse

First7Jobs Proves Theres No Clear Career Path - The MuseFirst7Jobs Proves Theres No Clear Career PathWe all have to start somewhere, right? Let me paint a hypothetical picture for you You fantasized about being a dinosaur when you were five. Then, after some deep soul searching at age 15 you discovered you really wanted to be a doctor. But, you took one organic chemistry class in college and realized you absolutely hated science, so thats out. So, you switched over to philosophy and considered going into teaching. That welches until you interned at a tech startup over the summer and liked what that had to offer so you applied for a marketing position. You spent a few years in marketing, realized it wasnt what you wanted to do until retirement, and started browsing open positions. You applied to job after job, and finally landed a random gig in public relations and thought, Why not. And you loved it, and the rest is history. Now, your story might not be exactly like this one, but ther es a common pattern to career paths. Which is that theres no set pattern for finding and ending up in a job you love. And thats OK. You most likely have to try, and fail, and try again, and take risks, and say Why not? many times before you get there.A recent trending hashtag on Twitter highlights this exact point. mariancall, a songwriter, asked the internet what everyones firstsevenjobs were, and the responses were truly inspiring- especially when a few select celebrities got involvedSome sounded like people you knowBabysitter, fruit picker, retail at Michael Hill, beauty therapist, receptionist, accounts assistant, amtsstube manager. first7jobs- Amy McDonald (amylmcdonald) achter monat des jahres 5, 2016My first 7 jobs1 Document shredder2 Taco Bell3 Host at Dennys4 Day care worker5 Pizza maker6 Macys store clerk7 Sandwich delivery- NeonBunny (DJNeonBunny) August 8, 2016firstsevenjobs Freelance coderProfessional gamerSoftware engineerDesignerDelivery personCEOChairmanTVFPitchers - Sachin Bansal (_sachinbansal) August 7, 2016Shop ClerkNASA internAu Pair in SwitzerlandPhysics TutorMath TutorComp. Physics SimulatorPhysics dept associate first7jobs- Juliet HLC Hougland (j_houg) August 8, 2016Some were funny, or clever.zachvandyke Here are my first seven jobs in emojis1. ????2. ??3. ??4. ??5. ??6. ??7. ????- Kelsey (kelsandcritters) August 8, 2016firstsevenjobs page soldiervalet of householde of Kynge Edwarde IIIsquire of samediplomatcontrollour of customsMP for Kente (1386)- Chaucer Doth Tweet (LeVostreGC) August 8, 2016Others reminded us that stars are really just like us (or, at least were at one point)firstsevenjobs Dish washerCamp counselorFighter pilotAstronautCommandantSpeakerAuthorNow Global Space Statesman- Buzz Aldrin (TheRealBuzz) August 7, 2016firstsevenjobs BabysitterESL teacher in BeijingCopy editorWaitressScript readerBartenderChinese tutor- Mira Sorvino (MiraSorvino) August 7, 20161. Busboy 2. Cookie store cashier 3. Skateshop worker 4. Boo kkeeper 5. Golfshop clerk 6. Student TV crew 7. Aerobics instructor first7jobs- Savannah Guthrie (SavannahGuthrie) August 6, 2016firstsevenjobs construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, futon salesman, waiter- Stephen Colbert (StephenAtHome) August 7, 2016In addition to pointing out that the common career path is anything but, this trending hashtag also proves that no matter where you start, there are infinite places you can reach.Are you wondering how in the world Stephen Colbert went from construction to selling furniture to television? I cant say that all of his construction knowledge attributed to him landing The Late Show, but odds are high that he learned certain skills there that helped propel him to where he is now. That is what we love to call transferable skills. This means that all those first, seemingly mundane jobs you had in college, or the career you had before entirely switching gears, are just as important in helping you get t o where you want to go now. Most peoples career path arent one straight line. Your first three, or seven, or even 10 jobs may look entirely unrelated. But the goal isnt to focus on that, but rather to pick up knowledge and skills along the way. Because those are what will lead you, eventually, to where youre meant to be. Photo of road courtesy of Photos by R A Kearton/Getty Images.